First 3rd party notebook for Databricks Community Edition

GSW on Databricks Community Edition

I‘m happy to announce that my analysis about Golden State Warriors passing network is featured as the first 3rd party notebook to Databricks Community Edition in the latest databricks blog post.


Databricks Community Edition is

a free version of the Databricks service that allows everyone to learn and explore Spark by providing a simple, integrated development environment for data scientists and engineers with high quality training materials and sample applications.

The notebook is based on my previous post and this time utilizes some great functionalities of Databricks Community Edition including:

  • Free 6GB clusters on AWS
  • Interactive workspace
  • GraphFrames library
  • Data registration as a SQL table
  • D3 visualization
  • Multiple language support

in a single notebook!

I personally found Databricks Community Edition is a graet platform to test your ideas easily without cluster management hassle and cloud cost.

If you want to try this out, you can join the waiting list from here.

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